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Changes in the instructions for authors valid as of January 2015

To improve the protection of intellectual property right and transfer of scientific articles published in the journal of Fermentation Industry, the journal will be integrated into the global system for the identification of copyrighted works available in digital form using the DOI identifier. Beginning from January 2015, article 4.10 of the Instructions for Authors is changed, the reference in the list of literature must present the DOI identifier, if any. The DOI can be found e.g. on,


Adetunji, A.I., Khoza, S., de Kock, H.L., Taylor, J.R.N., 2013: Influence of sorghum grain type on wort physico-chemical and sensory quality in a whole-grain and commercial enzyme mashing process. J. Inst. Brew., 119(3): 156–163. DOI: 10.1002/jib.76.

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